Meet Trident Kit, your
new Web3 companion

The toolkit that meets all your blockchain needs all in one place.

Trident Kit’s wide
range of features

Multi-Chain Airdrop Farmer

Zksync and scroll airdrop farming, and more to come soon.

Smartest Bidder

A never seen before blur, blast,
and tensor farmer!

Raffle Mode

Automate all of your
raffle entries.

Multi-Chain Minter

Supporting ETH, Base, and
Ordinals minting.

Wallet manager

Generate and manage wallets, Distribute and
recollect funds.

SocialFi Farmer

An Interactive social farmer like
DistrictOne and MultiFarming protocol.

Trident Pass

Elevate your Web3 journey with the Trident Pass NFT, granting you full access to our software for an entire year. Not only do you benefit from our powerful tools, but you also secure your investment with an exclusive NFT. Keep your NFT as a lasting asset while enjoying all the premium features our software offers.

Try It Now

For newcomers, we offer a flexible option to experience the Trident Kit on a monthly basis through WHOP. This allows you to test our software and see its immense value before committing long-term. WHOP provides a great platform to access and explore all the capabilities of the Trident Kit at your own pace.

Our Roadmap


Closed Beta Test

UI integration + edits based
on tester’s feedback.


Open Beta Test

Beta phase expansion
for successful QA.


Features Frenzy

Adding & optimizing features
to boost success.


NFT Launch

Launch Trident NFT passes to access
our software & HODL.


Post-mint phase

Distribute value, Airdrops and success among
Trident users.


Increase Value & Profit

Adding community-chosen features
to increase success.


Trident Kit 2.0

Brand new UI/UX/CX with powerful features
requested from our holders.


Meet the team


Co-Owner & PR


Co-Owner & Lead Dev



Chief Steve

Collabs & PR