The Trident Kit

Start your Web3 journey with Trident Kit, the toolkit that meets your blockchain needs all in one place.

Your Magic Web3 Weapon!


Task Features

  • Contract Minting
  • Transaction Cancellation
  • Transaction Speedup
  • Full Airdrop Farmer
  • Multiple RPC Support
  • QuickTask Extension
  • Blur Bidder
  • MagicEden Ordinals Sniper
  • Smart Gas Calculations

Wallet Manager

  • Wallet Generator
  • Wallet Distributor
  • Wallet Collector
  • Wallet Balance Checker


  • NFTs Viewer and Transferer
  • MagicEden Ordinals Sweeper
  • MagicEden Ordinals Lister
  • Opensea Token Lister
  • Opensea Bidder


  • Create Buy Task
  • Create Sell Task
  • Auto-Approve Module

Coming Soon

  • Raffle mode (Alphabot, premint, subber, atlas and much more)
  • NFTs lister for different blockchains (MagicEden, Opensea, Blur)
  • Fee and profit calculator (NFTs flipping and Defi trading)
  • Precision Wallet monitor (Monitor all wallets at once)
  • Collection Stats analyzer (All the stats you need in one place)

Meet The Team

Our Roadmap

As NFTsminter, we’ve come a long way from a simple CLI software designed to be the fastest minter to help people generate profit reselling NFTs. We’ve evolved, and it’s all thanks to our incredible community of users and testers. We then became an efficient blur bidder, making our users hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil our full rebranding, transitioning from NFTs minter to Trident Kit. A full toolbox including a state-of-the-art Airdrop Farmer. Just like its predecessor, it’s designed to GUARANTEE your farming success!

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