About Us

In 2016, we started ANB AIO, one of the first sneaker bots on the market. From there, we transitioned and rebranded to AIO Bot which became one of the best and most successful bots in the industry! Our users made millions of dollars in sneaker reselling profit using ANB AIO. But times change, and we adapt accordingly. And so we started exploring web3 and NFTs in October 2022, marking the birth of NFTs Minter.

As NFTs Minter, we’ve come a long way from our beginning as a CLI software. We evolved from being the fastest minter, to helping people make profit reselling NFTs, to an efficient blur bidder! It’s all thanks to the amazing community of users and testers who made hundreds of thousands testing the bidder.

Today we’re pleased to present to you The Trident Kit, our successful rebrand from Nfts Minter. The Trident Kit provides extreme speed and high efficiency! And we’re finally proud to announce our latest state-of-the-art tool: The Airdrop Farmer. Just like its predecessor, it’s designed to GUARANTEE your farming success.

This tool is made by degens for degens!

Trident kit user success

How much will you make using Trident Kit?

Here’s how much an average user could have earned with our module on the Arbitrum’s airdrop. Manually, 1 account farmed 100 transactions making 10k in volume in 10 hours. This means they made $2,342. With our module, 1 account farmed 100 transactions making 10k in volume in ONLY 10 minutes, and cashed in $23,420. That’s 10X more profit from a single Airdrop!

The Trident Kit

Airdrop Farming Module:

Our state-of-the-art airdrop farming module has many benefits that will make us the black sheep of the industry.

A crypto airdrop is an advertising tactic used to promote a Web3 project and its new coin in the hopes of raising awareness and generating interest in the project as a whole. All while making users some good profits on the side. Our airdrop farming module offers an automated solution to easily farm those airdrops. Thanks to advanced scripts and randomized paths generated by the bot to create the most anti-sybil protection there is on the market.


Our module’s features:

  • Can generate a large number of wallets simultaneously.
  • Queue system for extra anti-sybil protection.
  • Multiple protocols for each farming flow (minting,swapping, bridging , Dmail, etc…) that will increase your wallet’s rank.
  • User-friendly UI that will cut your airdrop farming time in half!
  • Necessity and innovation when a certain airdrop’s automation does not exist.
  • Numerous Inputs to increase your wallet’s sybil protection (random delay, random swapping value , randomize contracts flow, and many more).